8 Tips for Styling Grey Hair

More and more women are choosing to shun hair colour in favour of their natural grey hair. And who can blame them, constant visits to the hairdresser for root coverups is both time-consuming and costly.


Should you dye your hair?

What to consider before dyeing your hair  Dyeing at home can be more convenient but it can also get a bit messy. If you are new to dyeing it can take a bit of practice to get a colour you’re happy with and to achieve consistent results. But you can’t argue with the price: you…

Going Grey

Whether you’re panicking about finding your first silver strands, wondering how to transition to grey or looking for the best products to keep your natural white hair looking luscious, here you’ll advice and information to help support you on your journey. Greying hair is a normal part of life but the fact that this website…

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