Self care isn’t just about candles

When a bad day gets the best of you there’s nothing like having a good soak in the bath, perhaps lighting a candle and pouring a glass of wine. But as we move through life there will often be times where you’ll need to dig deeper


Going Grey

Whether you’re panicking about finding your first silver strands, wondering how to transition to grey or looking for the best products to keep your natural white hair looking luscious, here you’ll advice and information to help support you on your journey. Greying hair is a normal part of life but the fact that this website…

How to get naturally shiny grey hair

How to make grey hair shine naturally Whether you want to make the best of your naturally grey hair, or you’re wondering how you’ll need to change up your hair care routine as your hair changes, you need to bear in mind that as your hair goes grey it may well become a lot drier…

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