Going Grey

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Whether you’re panicking about finding your first silver strands, wondering how to transition to grey or looking for the best products to keep your natural white hair looking luscious, here you’ll advice and information to help support you on your journey.

Greying hair is a normal part of life but the fact that this website exists gives an indication that in society we have quite a way to go before embracing natural grey hair becomes the accepted norm. 

Some people don’t even bat an eyelid when they find their first grey hair but for others it can induce panic. Your hair suddenly becomes a talking point – people suddenly have an opinion on your hair and aren’t afraid to tell you.

But going grey is about so much more than just the colour of your hair, it’s an internal conversation as well as an external one.

If you’re thinking of embracing natural grey hair you’ve come to the right place.

What causes grey hair?

When you get older, the cells in your hair follicles that produce pigment gradually reduce, causing hair strands to loose their colour or whiten. ’Grey’ is not actually a hair pigment in itself – it is a colour that results from a combination of normally pigmented hairs interspersed with white ones. Your hair colour turns from grey to white when all hair pigment cells stop being produced. 

Will my body hair go grey too?

Yes, as you age your body hair (yes, even your pubic hair) will eventually go grey too but again, your genetics, lifestyle and health will determine when and how this happens.

Average age for grey hair?

It’s totally normal to find a few grey hairs in your 30s and these generally begin to increase into your 40s. By the time you get into your 50s you might find more than 50% of your scalp hairs are grey. The rate at which you turn grey is very much impacted by your genetics and lifestyle.

What is meant by Premature Grey?

You’d usually fall into the Premature Grey category if the majority of your hair greyed before you turned 20. 

If my parents went grey early will I?

This happens naturally with age, but your genetics can also trigger the process to happen sooner.

What else can cause you to go grey?

As well as genetics experts claim that some health conditions may cause premature greying such as diabetes, pernicious anaemia or thyroid problems. 

How do you care for grey hair?

We’ve got loads of tips and tricks just for you here.

How do I make the transition to grey hair?

We’ve put together a page on this topic here

How do you get rid of yellow tones in grey hair?

Grey hair can sometimes take on a yellow/brassy hue. The best way to combat this is to use purple hair care products, particularly purple shampoo and conditioners like this top rated one L’Oreal. Yellow and purple are on opposite ends of the colour spectrum so the purple in the products will cleverly cancel out the yellow tones.

How can I cover grey hair without dying?

If you aren’t quite ready to embrace your grey’s then but you don’t want to dye your hair then we’ve got a great article on hair accessories, some of which offer discreet grey coverage.

Grey Hairstyles

The times are a changing! First and foremost, you are free to wear your hair however you want. Going grey shouldn’t force you to make any drastic changes to your hair if you don’t want to. The view that you should cut your hair short once you go grey is incredibly prescriptive and outdated. Your hair, your business. As you’ll see below, you no longer need to hide your grey hair away!

Salt and Pepper Hair

When Andie Macdowell recently walked the red carpet with salt and pepper hair the World took notice. Should it really be so shocking that a woman can look glamourous and sport natural grey hair? Apparently yes, but there’s no denying that Andie looked incredible and is doing great things for normalising embracing grey hair.

Long Grey Hair

Screen Goddess Salma Hayek proving that you can still have long hair when you’re going grey.

Short Grey Hair

Helen Mirren has been a trailblazer for grey hair for a while now and she provides inspiration for anyone considering a shorter silver style.