Alcohol-free pub options

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So many pubs and bars across the country are now offering an array of non-alcoholic drink options, from wines to beers and spirits, and if you’re lucky enough to be visiting some major cities even have their own alcohol-free bars. 

However, in a lot of areas the options for non-drinkers still have a way to go before this becomes the norm. So if you can’t face the thought of another glass of diet coke then here are a few alternatives for you to try – all made from options most pubs and bars stock.

Mixers are a great alcohol-free pub option

Mixers are a standard pub option and you can make a surprising amount of delicious booze-free options.

Soda water and lime

It’s an oldie but a goodie and in the heat of summer, nothing quite quenches the thirst like a tall glass of soda water and lime. Pop in a slice of lime and a straw. In most pubs it’s surprisingly affordable too.

Tonic water

Tonic water is a pub staple, and with a slice of lime it’s perfectly pleasant. However, many pubs now stock some of the fancier brands of tonic water, like Fevertree with flavors like Cucumber, clementine, and their own ginger ale.

Ginger Ale

Despite having his own champagne label, rapper 50 Cent doesn’t actually drink, opting instead for ginger ale. His reasoning is that in a champagne glass it looks like the real deal so he can support his brand without compromising his clean lifestyle. 

Orange Juice and Lemonade

A lovely pub tipple. Do bear in mind this can be a pricey option because you’ll usually get charged the full price of two separate mixers. In 2002 two pints of this in a pub can set you back £7-8.

St Clements

Orange Juice and bitter lemon


Some pubs have a selection of squash behind the bar that you can ask to be diluted with tap water or sparking. This can often be a fairly low-cost option too.

Booze-free Mocktails

If all your friends are hitting up the cocktails then you might want something a little more fancy such as:

Virgin Mary (tomato juice, worcester sauce, hot sauce, celery salt and a dash of lemon juice) 

Virgin Mojito (fresh mint, lime, soda water and sugar). Although you might be pushing your luck with the fresh mint.

Ginger Fizz

Bitter lemon, ginger beer and lemon juice


Try Elderflower cordial and sparking water for a bit of fizz

Although not the most thrilling selection of options, being alcohol-free  doesn’t mean you have to avoid pubs altogether, but it might mean you need to be a bit creative with the options available. Do be warned that non-alcoholic drinks don’t tend to be a whole lot cheaper than alcohol options, particularly mocktails.

If all else fails a lot of pubs will offer tea and coffee or you can simply opt for a glass of sparkling water and a slice of lemon, safe in the knowledge you won’t be nursing a hangover the next day.